We did a great deal of research before selecting Nouvatan over some other names and though we were tempted to go with them when it came to putting them to the test there really was no comparison.  The most used spray tan quote from our customers is....'I don't want to be orange'!! Many other brands do leave an orange tinge but NOT Nouvatan.  A Nouvatan tan is just a stunning, long lasting and natural golden brown...... with NO ORANGE GUARANTEED.




Your Nouvatan spray tan will be applied by a qualified therapist using a special spray gun and in our purpose built spray tan wetroom.  If this is your first ever spray tan we have provided a step by step guide to help you below, however you are welcome to ring us on 01423 870334 if you have any other questions.





What happens when I come for a spray tan?


When you arrive for your appointment we will ask you to complete a short questionnaire.  This helps with assessing your skin and provides us with information that we will hold for future appointments.  We will decide on the best colour for your skin ranging from a 6% subtle shade of tan right through to a dark 20%.  We take you to your changing room where you can safely leave your clothes and belongings, though we ask that you do not bring items of value as we cannot be held responsible for them.  Also please do not bring small children to your appointment.

We will provide all you need including a robe, sticky paper feet to stop the tan going onto the soles of your feet, and we also have paper pants and hair nets if required at a small extra cost.  You can be sprayed wearing whatever you feel most comfortable in and if you wish you can wear nothing at all (females only).  If you feel more comfortable wearing something on top then we recommend bringing a small bandeau/bikini top, or rolling up a vest to cover the breast area. We prefer not to spray tan over a bra as straps can cause the tan to streak. While you change we prepare the most suitable percentage of Nouvatan for your skin ranging from a subtle 6% shade of tan right through to a dark 20%.  When you are ready you are taken next door to the spray tan room to stand (still wearing your robe) on a small platform where we apply a barrier cream to the driest areas of your body...namely hands, elbows, knees and around the ankle.  At this point please advise us of any areas you are concerned about. We will then ask you to turn around facing the back wall and remove your robe.  We begin to apply the spray tan to your back area and to the backs of arms and legs from a short distance away. The spray will feel cold on your body. From there we turn you and continue to spray the rest of your body and your face.  Once we have finished the first layer we will start over again and re-spray you wherever we feel is necessary. We prefer to 'double spray' to ensure that the tan is even and not absorbed into the pores as can occasionally happen, especially on legs.  The entire spray process should take no more than ten minutes.  You then return to the changing room, stand to dry for a few minutes and then dress carefully in loose clothing before heading for home where you will shower off the base colour 6 to 8 hours later.   You may leave the base colour on for longer if you wish but this is unlikely to give a different or stronger effect.   As we also have three fab tanning units, with one actually in your changing area, you are welcome to use these to dry and intensify your tan.  We would recommend a maximum of three minutes as it is important that you do not sweat. Three minutes is just perfect and a popular way to dry off after a spray tan.  There is a small additional charge for this!


And for a 'MAN TAN'?


We do many spay tans on men of all ages, shapes and sizes.  The principle is mostly the same for a man as it is for a woman.  Differences....well if you have a lot of body hair the tan will still take to the skin as the air pressure from the gun parts the hairs as we spray.  If you have little or no hair on your head we will spray lightly over that area to blend with your face and body.  Please note we DO NOT have appropriate paper underwear for men as it is not readily available unfortunately (and we do not spray naked men!!) so we recommend that you wear some dark coloured boxers, some Speedo's or even a thong....if you have one!! We don't ask questions!!


What do I need to do before I have a spray tan?


It is YOUR responsibility to prep your skin before a spray tan. This includes exfoliating drier areas, shaving legs etc and moisturising your skin BUT NEVER EVER ON THE DAY OF YOUR TAN. Please do this at least 24 hours before you visit us. 

So....if you need to exfoliate then it must not be close to the time of your tan and definitely NOT on the day of your tan

Moisturise the day before but again NOT on the actual day as this will cause a barrier.  Ensure that ALL moisturisers, deodorants etc are then washed clean from your skin and please note that....  




Allow all previous sunless tans to fade for 7 days prior to new application

 Do not shave or wax on the day of your treatment, especially with shaving foam

 Remove all make-up, perfumes, moisturisers and deodorants prior to your treatment

 Wear loose, dark clothing and flip flops or loose sandals

 Wear old, dark underwear as tan cannot always be removed from light colours 

And finally please avoid  sunburn as we cannot spray over burnt or peeling skin


And what about after?


You will need to wear the guide tan for 6 to 8 hours before showering off

Try to avoid wearing or sitting on light fabrics (and leathers) for a few hours after your treatment

Do not wash your hands for at least 4 hours after having a spray tan

Do not wear tight clothing

Do not shave for at least 12 hours, and again avoid shaving foams

Be careful with your choice of shampoo as cheaper all in one brands can occasionally streak your tan. 

Do not exercise or swim until the day after your spray tan however remember that chlorine can affect false tan so we do not advise that you do so if you really need your tan to last

Please try not to touch your skin while the tan is developing as you will stain your fingers and palms....however if this happens you can exfoliate it away gently with a fine pumice or foot file or remove it with an exfoliator.

And finally....


To look after your tan:




Apply moisturiser morning and evening after your tan

Pat skin dry after showering....do not rub

Take care when exercising as heavy sweating may cause your tan to fade

Avoid long hot showers and baths and also avoid swimming pools and hot tubs

Avoid all Dove hair and body products as these contain oils which can strip your tan also certain anti-aging products may have a negative effect (We recommend Nivea or Palmers Cocoa Butter as a moisturiser)

Remember that your tan can also be affected by hormonal changes ie pregnancy, menstruation, breastfeeding etc. 


How long will my tan last?


With care it should last at least one week but we are regularly hearing from clients who have had ten days and longer. Obviously everyone's skin is different and much of it is down to your daily routine....but.....Nouvatan really is AMAZING!!


How do I remove false tan?


It can be tricky to remove tan from dry areas like the palms of hands or feet however we can let you into our own little secret!! We do so many tans and are permanently trying to remove it.  What a relief when we discovered that the combination shampoo and conditioner WASH N GO in the green bottle takes it off beautifully! It's not sold everywhere but it can usually be found in Asda or Morrisons. If possible use something abrasive (like a new pot scourer/sponge) and wash gently at first then scrub a little if you have to, and you will see the tan wash away.  Brilliant for those last minute panic moments or if you are at the end of the tan and want the last bits to go.  









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